The Aseptic Treatment of Wounds


Pains in endeavouring to substantiate his position by bacteriological evidence, which leads him to conclusions very diverse trom those of many eminent authorities. He prefaces his description of the details of the method by a useful little chapter ?n the germs of wound infection, and a more elaborate one on the means of disinfection ; and it is here he appears to confuse the issues, and to be led astray by laboratory experiments, furthermore, his comparative criticisms of the Listerian method are not of much value, as they show too imperfect an acquaintance with its general working, as well as a complete ignorance ?t the recent improvements in its technique. This controversial dement apart, however, the book can be safely recommended as a clear and practical guide to the system in question. Even in this emancipated field antiseptics cannot, apparently, always be dispensed with; but of these iodoform is the only ?ne that commends itself to our author. The amount of aseptic fever " expected as the normal and usual result of the


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